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The kids are doing very well!  I just finished the round of parent teacher conferences and I’m very pleased with how the kids are doing in school.  My youngest (son) is excelling in math, and is a very good artist.  He’s still struggling with reading so I’m hoping to put him in an intensive 5-week reading program this summer to bring him up to speed.  He is also growing – something most parents can take for granted but a challenge for him as his heart and lung issues, combined with a difficult start in life, have stunted his development. 

My youngest daughter is also excelling in math and doing well in other subjects (2nd grade).  She is something of an introvert in public but has been wonderfully empowered by her teacher and is becoming more expressive and engaged in class.  She is proud of her perfect attendance record and that she is reading chapter books now.

My middle daughter is in 5th grade, happy to be back home with us and enjoying rejoining her friends at our local alternative “Open Classroom” school.  She continues to be an all A student, and is busy with Choir and Drama Club.  She would like to attend a horse camp this summer.

My eldest just registered for high school!  This school year she transferred from Open Classroom to a very good public middle school for 8th grade.  She started out with a bit of a deficit in math but has applied herself and now has an A in Algebra.  She made Honor Roll again last quarter.  She plans on taking a full course load in high school including math, science, health, language arts, fine arts, Chinese, and trying out for the girls’ basketball team even though it means starting school at 7:30 (she is not an early riser so this is a commitment).  She will be auditioning for a part in a musical put on by our local community theater in a few weeks.

I know this post reads like one of those annoying Holiday letters you get from friends and relatives bragging about their kids.  I’m writing it to balance my posts complaining about the tension and conflicts among the kids and because the fact that they are doing so well in such difficult and uncertain circumstances is a real relief for me and a tribute to their innate resilience and strength of character.  They have been through more in their lives – abandonment, health issues (my two youngest were born with heart defects), months or years in institutions that in many cases didn’t provide much more than the basic necessities of life, major disruptions, changing relationships, moves from place to place  – and just look at what incredibly great jobs they are doing with their lives!  They are all beautiful, smart, caring kids and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be their parent.  Sometimes you just have to take the time to count your blessings!

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  1. Debby says:

    This is not bragging at all…’s just a fact that all the kids are doing very well despite everything that feels is less than perfect.

    Great job kids & mom!!!!

  2. docdave says:

    This is good news, and should help remind you that you’re doing “the big stuff” very well. Probably has something to do with your making the time to do the right things as your children need them–and you–rather than when there’s a spare moment.

    Nice going!

  3. Linda says:

    So happy to hear that!

  4. maja says:

    That’s fantastic, at least you don’t have to worry about them too much! They’re probably trying to help you by being the best they can be, what great kids 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Great to hear! You’ve got great kids.

  6. Linda P. says:

    What great news. How proud your children must be of themselves and you of them. By the way, I absolutely love those holiday letters, so I liked getting this good news.

  7. Lynn says:

    Congratulations to the kids, and to you!

  8. Sheila says:

    I love this letter! It shows that despite everything ~ you are an awesome parent. The kids are thriving in bit of a difficult situation. They may be more comfortable with this new normal than mom is though.
    Good luck with your search for employment. You are obviously a great example for the children and they are so fortunate to haveyou.

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