DIY – Oh My!

The floor repair cannot be put off much longer – the soft spot in the bathroom has grown and the toilet lists alarmingly when sat upon!  Since my middle daughter will be home a week from Saturday, I’ve decided to tackle it next week.  I had hoped we would be able to move before the job became unavoidable as my home repair skills are somewhat amateurish and my tool box and budget are lacking!  But our next bigger and better place has not materialized (or rather materialized before we had the money in hand and then quickly disappeared) so I’ll roll up my sleeves and give it a try.  I’ll take before, during and after photos for your amusement!  At least we are enjoying a spell of warm dry weather!

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  1. The leak is probably at the seal that is between the commode and the sewer pipe thing…yeah, I know all the technical words. You must be very strong to lift the commode straight down onto the seal to seat it. Use two seals to assure you have a tight fit. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from using two seals or whatever the gooey, waxy things are.

    If that floor is like most trailers, the flooring is particle board or maybe plywood. If it is particle board, eventually it will have to be replaced. If you don’t know, particle board is just chips of wood, glued together and very susceptible to wetness.

    Seal does not seem like the right word…maybe wax ring?

  2. jill says:

    my dad advises the the flooring in RVs is sandwiched between the joists underneath and the wall studs above, so pulling out a great deal may not be an option. Thick plywood on top of what is there may be a better option, as close to the wall as you can get, and minor adjustments if the plumbling lines need to be just a little longer with the added floor height. 2nd the motion on seeking help- a church I used to go to had a volunteer program for the handy to help those in need; might be worth looking into… good luck!

    • boxcarkids says:

      I can feel the solid joist – the soft spot is next to it. I’m hoping when I pull up the vinyl I’ll be able to dig out the wasted bit and replace it without taking out the entire floor. But I need to find the leak if I can as well and fix that too.

  3. This is not a permanent fix or even a good one. But, if you put some kind of boards over the soft spot, the eventual cave-in will be thwarted for a few days. There are groups in towns that will help women fix problems like yours. Have you looked to see what kind of help you might find. Linda

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