New Home?

I’m very excited to report that thanks to someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is close to our family we now have $3,000 in a trailer account  towards the cost of the new trailer!  If you missed the link you can see it at:

I called today to make sure it’s still available – it is, but they’ve had other people coming to look at it.  Hoping and praying that we can make this work!  It would be such a godsend to have more space!  Counter space, a bed for each kid, a super slide!  If it doesn’t our friend is going to hang on to the money for the next steal of a trailer we find.

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  1. SMS says:

    Sent a donation to help. Little~ but if we can all feed it a bit ~ it will grow. Good luck.
    Thank you for spelling out the reasons you don’t qualify for an apartment. I wondered about that.

  2. Lynn says:

    With luck, after a few more people look at it but don’t buy, they will lower the price further! And be motivated to accept your current trailer as part of the deal!

    Is the trailer fund linked to the “Donations Gratefully Accepted” link top left on the page, or separate?

    • boxcarkids says:

      That would be great! It’s still available and I have just over half the cost in hand. I don’t think they’ll take our trailer – thanks to those worsening ‘soft’ spots in the floor! If we get a new trailer I’ll find the money to get the floor fixed and then try to sell this one. Yes the Donations button works for the trailer fund!

  3. Maf says:

    Good luck to you! Make sure to use your negotiation skills on the pricing and/or warranty/service terms and conditions on it! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  4. zelda says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to use that money to move into an apartment with more than one bedroom? I realize that having the trailer is permanent; however, I cannot help but think that living in an apartment would be a definite upgrade. I feel like I am missing something here but how is living in a small trailer better than living in an apartment?

    • boxcarkids says:

      The reasons are threefold:
      1. No one will rent to me. I don’t have a job. My credit score is bad after the foreclosure, and getting behind on medical bills after losing my job.
      2. An apartment here is expensive. A one bedroom apt would take up over half of my unemployment benefits. If we fell behind we’d be evicted and have no where to go but the streets.
      3. If we have to move back to the midwest to join relatives we will need a trailer. They have land but a very small farmhouse that can’t accomodate an additional 5 people.
      And – a trailer is ours- it’s an asset as well as shelter. An apartment is like a hotel room. If I get a job elsewhere and we need to move I can sell the trailer for money to make the move – can’t do that with an apartment.

  5. elin says:

    fingers crossed and good thoughts sent across that this works! hope can be a mighty thing, sometimes, can’t it?

    • boxcarkids says:

      Yes, it is! Another friend is also fundraising for us so it doesn’t seem totally impossible. And I went through our storage and will be listing more things over the weekend on eBay (eBay id: boxcarkids) – mostly books but some kids things too.

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