Quick Report

We are in. Our space is tiny and we met our 87-yr old neighbor on the right when he came to complain about the noise!
I am looking into what it will take to send our cat to our friends in Virginia who are still hosting my daughter. She is staying there for the school year and they are happy to take the cat as well.
Thanks for the Oprah link – I sent in our story but they are looking for people on the brink of financial ruin rather than those who have already plunged over the edge!
Still looking for internet options – you can get cable at the park at your expense but it is expensive.
We are about 3 miles closer to school and the kids are not changing schools.

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  1. Mary Beth says:

    I was reading this article about the mifi hotspot yesterday and thought of you. Is this any thing that would work for you?

    • boxcarkids says:

      It looks like a great solution. Thanks for pointing it out! We are in the coverage area and as the article said there don’t seem to be any negatives. I can’t afford it just yet – discovering the first month of middle school is expensive with PE clothes, school photos, art supplies, and of course I had to try and support my daughter in the school fundraiser -magazine sales – by renewing our few subscriptions. Maybe next month.

  2. Debbieo says:

    We recently got Skype. Its a neat way to stay in touch. Maybe your daughter can get it and you so you can visit back and forth. You may have to sit in the car outside a motel for wifi. Just a thought.

  3. SMS says:

    I know you now have found some new issues at this park. All the new BS aside. Look at it as a 9 month gift. It buys you time to seek employment. Don’t try sneaking with the pets. It might be a lease breaker and you don’t need that hassle. One less child in the camper should free up a bit of space, but without internet you surely are going to miss her. You may want to send her those school papers of her siblings so she can see what they’re up too. I sure hope you find ways to cope with all of this.

  4. Jay says:

    Is your new neighbor alone? Perhaps he needs some cookies?

    I’m not being silly, Our neighbor on the left is an older lady living alone, and she used to make my life hell about the noise my (then 5yo) daughter and her friends were making until I sent my daughter over with a plate full of cookies she had helped bake. We eventually fell into a bit of a pattern of visiting with her, as it turned out that mostly she was lonely 🙁 My daughter is 16 now, and doesn’t stop by as much any more, but still nods and stops for a chat on her way by if the neighbor is outside. 🙂

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