There but for fortune

A few days ago I called Tricia to find out how her doctor’s appointment went, got her voice mail and left a message. Tonight she called back. It looks like the hip replacement operation will have to be postponed – she has a staph infection in her blood that needs to be treated and the doctor wants her weaned off cigarettes and beer before she goes into the hospital. I commiserated with her about the delay and the possibility of going into rehab – which will probably be the only way for her to quit, and promised to pick her up for a girls’ day – including taking her to Jack in the Box for curly fries, but she still seemed down. She asked me if I remembered Luba – another homeless woman who lived in her old camp. I said yes of course – Luba was a slight Hispanic woman of middle age with a quick smile. She had a little chihuahua dog who shared her sleeping area. Tricia told me that Luba had died the day before yesterday – no one knew what caused her death. It could have been anything; there is so much untreated illness among the homeless. She was 56 years old. I hadn’t heard of her death- although I had read that the Amtrak train recently hit a homeless couple loitering near the tracks in our town, killing the man and severely injuring the woman. I checked those names to make sure it wasn’t Ben and Tricia. I wonder who mourns her.

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  1. I came across your blog, i think your blog is cool, keep working !

  2. Lee Redd says:

    All those homeless were at one time children who had dreams. Each is a unique individual loved by God, who must hurt to see their situation. You always remind us of the personal aspect. Thank you!

  3. Cindy Merino says:

    what about Medi-Cal for the kids? and possibly MSI for you? where i work, we have a sliding scale for uninsured, but you may qualify for more than that. contact me if you need to. we also give free prescriptions, or assist with filing for free directly with manufacturers, depending on income.

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