Plans in Motion

Thanks to everyone for the support and advice on moving the blog. I have procured a domain name (not my first choice which would have been .com but it wasn’t available), and am working on finding a hosting site that will allow me to migrate this blog and continue to blog in word press. I’m setting up affiliate accounts with Amazon and eBay and a few other reasonable organizations. I hope to debut the new site in a week or so. Even if it doesn’t make much money at least it gives me something (other than helping my daughters with their school reports on the Civil War and China and the model of the Great Wall) to engage my energies and interest. Something besides the worrying and fretting which occupies me most days. If only our internet connection were more dependable!

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2 Responses to Plans in Motion

  1. Kathryn H. says:

    if you put a link on your website for I would love to order things I order on a regular basis through your website. I order items from quite often, and would love to help you out with the commission from my order. you sign up at the through the link at the bottom.

    Your new domain/website is looking great. keep up the great work. I”m enjoying reading about your adventures living in the RV with your kids. Your kids and you will one day look back on this with fondness.

  2. Sheila says:

    Keep us posted so we can follow you.

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