Our Dream House :-)

I know in America you are supposed to dream big … but this would do for us these days:

(Sorry- it’s been sold! July 7, 2010)
But here’s what it was – a 29-ft travel trailer with QUAD bunks (yep, a bed for each kid), a Super slide – the sofa and dinette move out to add floor space) a private bedroom for mom, more storage, and counter space in the kitchen area! And it was less than 10 years old – important since most parks around here won’t allow the older models.

ah, well, a woman can dream can’t she?

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5 Responses to Our Dream House :-)

  1. maja says:

    It looks awesome!

  2. Jeannette says:

    Gosh there has to be something we can do, gosh if all the readers of your blog sent in something. I know if I had the money it would be yours. The irony, I keep thinking I want to downsize, I hate having so much room. Ha maybe we can trade.. Yeah let me try to tell my husband that
    I am going to pray, whatever God’s will is, thy will be done. I know you probably have many doubts when it comes to God, I just know he must have some sort of answer.

    • boxcarkids says:

      Hmm, if 800 loyal readers sent in $10, no make it $10.50 to offset paypal fees, we’d have it made! 🙂 I do believe it may be time to buy that lottery ticket.

      • SarahJeanne says:

        I wonder if there’s a kickstarter equivalent for this sort of thing? Or if that site would work for this. Hmm!

        I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this 85 times already, but don’t forget the local library! Air conditioning! Free entertainment!

      • boxcarkids says:

        Our trailer fund is up to $80! 99% to go. I have to get adsense to start working on the blog – so far it’s been nothing but trouble.

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