Apologies For the Absence

Sorry folks. My computer crashed during the Thanksgiving holidays and I am only now back online.

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  1. David says:

    Just found your blog tonight.

    This bothers me: “It’s not faith- that went by the wayside back around Easter.”

    It’s OK for you if you have resigned yourself to Hell but what of your children? You are their roll model.

    My mother and step dad were like you. They did not like me reading my New Testament and so I didn’t.

    I started reading my Bible as an adult and was changed by the Holy Spirit into a “born again” Christian. Now I know Jesus is real and He really cares and is still here to help me daily. Someday, when I die, I will go to heaven to live with Him and all of my Christian brothers and sisters.

    That is the Truth. You may be hurt and feel God has not helped you but you should count your blessings. From your own words here I see someone who has many, many blessings unappreciated.

    And what of your children? I am truly sorry for them. I pray that someone somewhere is able to reach them with the Gospel at some point in their lives before they die and enter an eternity without Jesus Christ.

    Catastrophic events come to each family in the world at some point in our lives. These events in our lives make us bitter or better. We become a better person for having gone through them and are able to help others or we become a bitter person and infect everyone around us, especially our family.

    I sadly see one here that has embraced bitterness and now has a cynical soul. I pray that you will get a Bible and read Psalms, Proverbs, Job, all over and pray and ask God to help you and heal you.

    No one loves you more and is ready to help you more than Jesus!

    • David
      Thank you for your concern. Your comment made me see that I mispoke somewhat- I should have written ‘faith community’ instead of faith. It was our church that went by the wayside when a small group of insiders engineered the removal of our pastor for their own benefit. My children and I remain assured of the love or our savior but we no longer have the support and friendships we relied on in the past.

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