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Frankly, although I consider myself a neighborly person in general, I’m an advocate of the Robert Frost’s saying that good fences make good neighbors.  I like space and privacy (yes, an on-going theme in this blog) and of course there’s not much of either of those here- not indoors or out.  As a rule, I think, trailer or RV park dwellers have a live and let live philosophy.  People are acutely aware of how easy it is to infringe on each other and go out of their way to confer a sense of privacy that out strips the privacy you really have. For the most part relationships are superficial due to their ephemeral nature.  Most people don’t stay long at the park.  Some are here today and gone tomorrow- those are the nodding relationships.  You both exchange a nod when you pass each other. 

You soon discover who the longer term residents are- we’ve fallen into the habit of stopping and chatting with several as we walk the dogs around the park perimeter.  Our nearest neighbor is a member of the military stationed at a nearby base, at the other end of our road is a divorced older man just laid off from his 20+ year job as a building inspector, and between are a couple who sell nutrisytem and an unemployed woman and her boyfriend.  We don’t walk as far as 4th street where the registered sex offender (pedophile) lives.  Still growing accustomed to this lifestyle, I felt a pang of disappointment on learning that one of my favorite people to chat with was planning on moving on around the first of the year.  I had to remind myself of the temporary nature of the situation. 

While most of our neighbors are relatively friendly or at least not unfriendly, the manager of the park is a difficult person to like.  Unfortunately the same is true of her extended family, especially her excessively tattooed, shaved-head son-in-law and her bullying and disrespectful granddaughter and grandson.  This grandson has taken a dislike to my middle daughter- who had attempted to stop him from tormenting a stray cat- and now makes her life difficult when he encounters her.  Our options are limited- there aren’t many other RV parks in this area and the one other that I know of is about a third more expensive than this.  But at least if we had to we could pick up and leave- you can’t do that in a sticks and stone house.

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  1. Well crum. Just heard from one of the friendlier people here that he has gotten a job and will be pulling out on Monday. Sigh.

  2. Leslie says:

    As the property manager of an apartment community, I have always seen my neighbors come and go. It’s bitter-sweet. While we meet amazing new people everyday, we also meet the not so amazing. Then the amazing ones are gone. Still, I wouldn’t change it. My kids get stability at school, where the classmates almost never change – and we have learned cool new things from most of the folks we meet. Park life is not unlike apartment life – in that respect at least.

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