The Recession is Over – Where's My Job?

According to an email I received yesterday from Vanguard The longest recession since the Great Depression is likely over based on the first rise in real gross domestic product (GDP) in more than a year.”  Great!  So where do I go to report to work on Monday? 

Then there’s the small print – income is flat, personal spending has dropped, consumer confidence falters, new homes sales dip….somehow I think I’ll be blogging about this recession for a while longer.

So far, in the months of searching there’s been one job that I was qualified for in my field.  It seemed geared for someone of my level of experience and skill and I thought the interview went well but in the end the job went to an entry-level person (and at that point I found out that it paid an entry-level salary- approximately $50,000 less than my last job).  Granted the slow to appear unemployment benefits are more of a pay cut but even so that job would have been an enormous step backwards. 

Being unemployed gives one time to think about retooling, considering other career paths, but the incentive isn’t there when there don’t seem to be jobs in other fields either.  So while I contemplate various work at home and part-time options (should I register to be a process-server?  finish bartending school and become a bartender? answer surveys online for *cash*? sell Avon?) and continue to look for a ‘real’ job, I also mull over other money-raising options beyond eBay. 

Here’s one that someone out there might have some ideas about.  I have a judgement against my former renter/squatter for about $10,000.  But he’s disappeared and I don’t have a social security number. Collection companies have not been willing to take on the job of trying to collect.  It’s a small sum (for them) and I’m not likely to provide repeat business.  If anyone has suggestions on how to get some of the money he owes me I’d like to hear them!

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  1. womanofworship says:

    Hello I understand the procedures of being unemployed totally. But to build it back up the easiest way is to work retail for the holidays. I know its a horrible job but if you want money you should do it. . . that is the only way you will get some money in and pay some of those collectors off. As far as avon is concerned i heard you have to work for it. I have two friends in it and they are constantly sending me emails to buy things but I don’t have the money.

    oh well?

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