One step forward, two steps back

The story of my life. I’m having a technology issue thanks to what is surely planned obsolescence. Both my coffee maker and my laptop have died. The former was bought used at the huge community yard sale held after the college students move out two years ago and will be replaced at the same venue this summer. The laptop is fairly new but was a lower end machine and my experience with Dell laptops suggests that they aren’t made to last. The repair shop says the motherboard is bad and it’s going to cost between $225 to $274 to fix. So that’s out for now.

I have use of my work laptop until June 4, then it’s turned in to the IT department until school starts. I will need to back it up or will lose all my files and bookmarks. I’m really not all that happy with computer technology these days. I had hoped to get ahead of lessons this summer and have my younger kids do some math and other online work now that we have internet. And my 10th grader is set to take health online this summer. Luckily our public library has both computers and air conditioning so it looks like we’ll be hanging out there again!

In other news my daughter graduates on Saturday (I didn’t order graduation announcements and my computer died before I could print the ones I designed but aside from you all we don’t have many people to whom to send announcements). I’m happy for her and sad at the same time.

I’ve spoken to a couple shops in town who are hiring, trying to line up part time summer work, but both require employees to be available through October (fall is a busy time in our little tourist town). I will keep looking as I need to get a little ahead if I can.

Just a few more days of school. I would love to just relax for a week after it lets out but goat fences need to be installed and the chicken coop needs finishing. And there’s the garden…just tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, watermelons, sunflowers and herbs so far but more room still for additional plants – maybe sugar snap peas.

Hope all your summers are shaping up nicely!

Ps, posting laboriously from my kindle.

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Class of 2015

Kim Senior PicAnnouncing the Graduation of


Brown County High School

May 30, 2015

Kimberly will be attending Indiana University

Majoring in Psychology

And you, our supporters, are all invited! Well, virtually invited anyway – we realize it’s unlikely any of you can make it in person.  Regardless please know that you will be in our minds on this momentous occasion as your support and encouragement has helped to make it possible. Photos will be posted following graduation.

I hope you’ll join with me in congratulating my oldest daughter who will graduate with honors, decked in the National Honor Society collar, cords for Spanish Honor Society and Thespian (drama) Honor Society, and wearing her choir medal. She will have a brief two week vacation before beginning college at Indiana University on June 13.

Kim in caseKim was the child who made me a mother 16 and a half years ago in China and she has a special place in my heart. She is smart, artistic, musical, kind and beautiful. She has a good sense of humor, is a good friend and knows how to roll with life’s punches. She says she has learned a lot from me. I’ve learned a lot from her as well.

She plans to study psychology with the goal of eventually getting her Master’s degree and becoming a therapist who works with children, incorporating music and drama in some fashion.

As you are all aware Kim is attending IU on a variety of scholarships for which we are very grateful. They do not completely cover her costs but both she and I are hoping to work (one job for her and two for me) to take care of the last $2,600. Kim will be living in the dorms for the first year and while it is not the same as setting up house she’s still in need of some items for her dorm room. We’ve added some of these things to our wish list in the event you wish to help send her off in style! She will read your good wishes if you care to comment on this post.

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Week One

I’ve been on my, no not ‘diet’, rather let’s call it a new relationship with food (the Eat to Live plan), for almost a week. I had planned to start last Monday but that evening I attended the Scholastic Stars award dinner with my daughter and the buffet dinner didn’t really align well (I did skip desert, however). So for the past 6 days I haven’t had any meat, pasta, rice, bread or alcohol and have severely limited any dairy or oils. I tried to give up coffee but it’s standardized testing week and I really needed my caffeine (that’s where the dairy came in – grabbing a tall Latte at Starbucks on the way to school one morning).

Have I lost a lot of weight? Do I feel much better? No and no. But…that’s to be expected. As I’m reminded it takes awhile for one’s body to recalibrate and get used to large quantities of low calorie/high nutrient foods like leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. I’ve read it takes 30 days to establish a new habit – or rid oneself of an old one – and a lot of the way we approach food, snacking for instance, is habit not hunger. The first few weeks is the hardest!

I was interested to see that Dr. Fuhrman had a new book out – Eat for Health – so I downloaded a copy on my kindle and started reading it on the hour long bus ride to the Academic Super Bowl competition. I think he must have written it in response to people who balked at the much more restricted regimen outlined in his book, Eat to Live, which I read and followed for several months about a year and a half ago. The new book discusses all of the same scientific and medical studies that support this way of eating for health, weight loss and longer life but it also eases you into the new way of eating at a more measured pace. If any of you are interested in checking it out I’d recommend the Eat for Health book as a good starting point. You can also check out the website: for more information and testimonials (you don’t need to buy all the kits and recipes, just read the book).
I’m not yet slim enough to fit into my nice outfit for tomorrow’s Senior Awards Night at the high school but I’m planning to be by graduation on May 30th!

PS — on another note I just realized this is blog post 401! Who knew it would last so long!

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